Giant Rampaging Furries
"Adult" art page

"Adult" is so much better a word to use then "Mature" here! hehehe...
I'll try to get color versions up as soon as possible... but don't hold your breath. And I can't come up with a good background .gif here... The lioness of the main entry page holding an "excited" little naked fox instead of the clothed one... >;P

I bet that hurts!

This is supposed to be an opossum, not
a vampire rat... Poor little guy!

Now boarding at gate 4!

I'm not to sure about the way this one came out...
But at least I got another bat picture up! >;)

Being a giant means no cover charges!

Or cover at all after they rip off the roof!
Giants are jerks too and hardly ever tip!

UH OH!!!

Rampages are good fun until someone bigger then you shows up and shows how size can relevant! I mean look at that foot! That giant probably isn't interested in the little buggers the wolf is playing with at all!

Yeah! Yeah! Wreck that train!

The artist doesn't like trains. ;)
They're always blocking the road so his car has to wait! At least this one won't and is being put to good use too!

OH NO! Torrey is caught!

He doesn't look as happy about it as the raccoon on the "general"
art page but none the worse for it so far.
[blush] I kinda like this one... I didn't really use detailed pencils but added the detail while inking. It just turned out.. better to me that way.

The old "You can't have it" drawing from an AOL page!

This is an old picture from one of my Catgirl pages. She was a character I played in a Champions game. She was based on an old Kurt Wilken comic called Sex Kitten. Starting as a "Catgirl" mutant, fast, dexterous, and good at martial arts she gained true superhero powers in a battle one day. But they only lasted 24 hours after having sex. Unlike the character she was based on she didn't have a steady boyfriend and wasn't very cheerful either. Being a mutant sucks you know! ;) She had a chance to go into a blind rage rampage upon growing in to a giantess... like any good giantess should! This is her in rampage mode after 23 and 1/2 hours without recharging. Fortunately it never happened in the game so she is still thought of as a hero! Kinda grumpy, but still a hero. >:)