Giant Rampaging Furries
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Updated 3/16

Sorry, my time between updates is getting worse. :(
I'll try to get more pictures colored soon.
While my old AOL based page still has my older pictures all new ones will be either here or the adult art page. To see my older drawings go to my old GRF Page

This one has it's own caption...

It's nice to share! :)

Unless you're the one being shared that is.

She's saving those little furs!

How nice of... Uh oh, she's saving them for later when she's hungry again!
This is a kangaroo... honest. >:P I think I should have changed
the tail and called her an opossum...

I'll say "When"

Don't worry little guy, you just have to stay on the nose untill then! Don't fall! >;)

HMmmm... Rampage?

I'm not to sure this is a "rampaging" giant furry... he doesn't look to upset at being caught.
This is one of the ones that slowed down the updates. I was using it to learn Photoshop and after a lot of work I just up and "lost" the file! It looked really nice in color too damn it. :(


Well... Vampire bats don't eat, the only thing they ingest is blood.
So a giant vampire bat would have to go through a lot to eat.
This is what I figure it would be like. And the title.. well..
it's a school bus after all.
I doubt giant vampire bats would be tolerated for long...